Professional service -
straight by the holder of the patent and manufacturer

Quicker, easier, better...

The service is our business and your profit. The patented HÖVER
® cleaning technology allows us to clean your vertical blinds and curtains without previously problems.

NO removing of blinds and curtains from rail, NO failure of screen for days, NO transportation to special laundries, NO high costs.

With our technology the vertical blinds and curtains are cleaned and dried directly at the window, even outside business hours and without any disturbance of sequence of operations.

Our scope of services includes the entire technical and organisational service for a gentle and thoroughly cleaning of your draperies by our trained service personnel.

Furthermore we do repairwork on your existing blinds and curtains or deliver new ones.

In addition to cleaning draperies we do offer further services like cleaning carpets and upholstery.

We will be pleased to offering you advice - free of cost and without any commitment.

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