Regularly cleaning is necessary!

HÖVER® developed a perfect solution:

  • Cleaning directly at the window. HÖVER® cleans curtains and vertical blinds directly on the spot by means of our machines. The draperies may remain on the curtain rail.
  • The curtains and vertical blinds will be dried directly at the window as well.
  • All dirt and pathogenic germs will be removed.
  • while cleaning no disturbance of sequence of operations
  • adjustment in housekeeping process
  • conservation of value because of gentle treatment of the material
  • without abandonment of screen for days
  • without carrying the draperies to special laundries
  • without mechanical load of the material (investment protection)

One of the awards the HÖVER® cleaning technology won:

Hygiene_MedizinThe Institute of hygiene and bundespreis250
environmental medicine, led
by Prof. A. Kramer, confirmed
in a certificate the effect of the
HÖVER® cleaning system.

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